Journal it....

I have always loved to journal. Every now and then I pull out a little journal I kept when my kids were small, and I think our whole family gets almost more enjoyment from that than from looking at photos. Hearing the funny things they said or the conversations that were held between them as tiny siblings never fails to make us laugh. It always brings back, vividly, a moment in time. (Young parents, take note!! Write those things down!) Somehow I have gotten away from it, but I have a new resolve to put my thoughts to paper--especially my gratitude. "Count your blessings" ---I am constantly saying that to my kids---it's time I did it more often myself. I have even been thanking God for the trials in my life, because of the good things they have done for my faith. To make this little altered book, I had a composition notebook cut in half at our copy center down the street. (When "back to school" time is here, stock up on these notebooks, to make gifts.) I covered it with some heavy paper (cardstock weight actually) from TAC. Then I embellished it with ribbon, punches, stamping..... Have fun with it!


nic_d said...

This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Nicole

Sarah said...

Cute, cute journal!

Lizzy said...

Cute..when you say copy center do you mean like Kinko's ..they will do that? How much did they charge you?

Pam said...

Thanks Lizzy! Yep, it was Kinko's. I can't remember exactly what they charged me to cut them, but it wasn't much! I can check for you if you like!

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